Just Say NO to high mailing costs!

Paperless document delivery from accounting with a few clicks. How much time and money do you spend on mailing invoices, statements, purchase orders, and other critical accounting documents each month? Figure it out for yourself; at 42 cents/document, are you spending $200 a month for postage? $400? More? Beyond that, what about the cost of custom forms, paper, envelopes, toner and ink, plus the man-hours spent separating, folding, stuffing and metering the documents? If you think about it, you could easily be spending close to $3 per document just to get it out the door! How would you like to reduce that to pennies per document? With PDFBlaster, you can! Learn more...

NEW! Secure, reliable, trackable email from accounting.
We've revolutionized the process of emailing documents from accounting. Find out how.

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secure email from accounting

Works with more than accounting.
Email and fax enable any report or document in minutes! Add embedded fields to your report forms (Crystal, Access, FoxPro, etc) and PDFBlaster will instantly split your reports and documents into individualized PDF files, and batch e-mail or fax them automatically!

Easy, Affordable, Integrated Fax and PDF Email For Your Accounting Clients.

Accounting and IT resellers, integrators, and consultants: join the PDFBlaster reseller program FREE and add this powerful fax, email, and archiving product to your solution set.

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Software manufacturers and developers: learn how to add our revolutionary batch fax and PDF email capabilities instantly to your product.

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