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How it works

PDFBlaster Fax/Email Delivery Diagram:
For an in-depth look at how PDFBlaster works, click the following link to view the full fax and email delivery diagram. (NOTE: will pop-up in a new window)

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Finally! Integrated Batch Document Delivery From Your Accounting System!

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Users simply print accounting documents and forms to the PDFBlaster printer -- just like a typical hard copy printer. PDFBlaster automatically determines the document type and intended recipient and retrieves the essential delivery data from the linked accounting system database on the fly. Accounting documents are sent out for delivery as an Internet fax or email in seconds, not minutes. The entire process is automatic, so whether you're sending a single invoice or hundreds of purchase orders, PDFBlaster does the work of addressing and transmitting each document to the correct recipient so you don't have to.

Emailing Revolutionized with ACTIONdocs
Finally! Secure, reliable, trackable email from accounting. How do you send hundreds of invoices by email without manually sending each one? How do you know your document didn't get deleted by your customer's spam filter? How do you know your customer read your invoice? How can you keep track of emails that were not received, or were not read over hundreds- maybe thousands- of recipients?

Now you can. See our ACTIONdocs site for more information

Integrates with Office
If you've been looking for an easy-to-use mail merge solution to fax and email newsletters or other timely marketing information without baffling your users, look no further. PDFBlaster is tightly integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook, providing incredibly simple mail merge capabilities that eliminate the confusion and complexity associated with connecting to your data sources and linking form fields back to the database.

Blast your business to the new levels of supply chain responsiveness, cost savings and worker productivity with PDFBlaster, the intelligent way to click... print... send!

Free: PDFBlaster Lite
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