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How PDFBlaster Licensing Works: Step 1 / 1
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PDFBLaster licensing is based on a per-user-per-workstation model and is not tied to the number of licensed users associated with the accounting system license. When deciding on the number of PDFBlaster licenses you need, all you need to take into account is how many users in your company will need faxing and/or emailing capability. These users may or may not be counted as licensed accounting users.

There is no server installation component to PDFBlaster, all software is installed on individual client workstations. The only requirement for installing PDFBlaster on individual workstations is a connection to the Internet (HTTP). If you can browse the Web from the workstation, you can use PDFBlaster.

PDFBlaster should be installed on each workstation in which accounting users will be accessing both the accounting system and the Internet. This should be done as a local administrator only (not a power user, or domain admin). Once PDFBlaster is installed, the installer should log off and re-login to the workstation as the network user.

At this point the currently logged in user should start PDFBlaster, link to the correct accounting system, and then enter the assigned activation code provided them by the reseller (Edit -> Software Registration). Registering PDFBlaster under the currently logged in user will use up 1 license. This should be done on each workstation in which PDFBlaster is to be run.

Please note that PDFBlaster licensing is based on a per-user-per-workstation model, so in the above scenario, even if two users share the same workstation, but each has a separate windows domain login, if each user wants to be able to use PDFBlaster then 2 licenses will be needed. This also applies to Citrix and Terminal Server installations.

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