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Registering Your Software: Step 1 / 5
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When you downloaded your copy of PDFBlaster, you should have received a 30-day trial activation code via email. You must enter this temporary registration code before you can generate PDFs and send them as email attachments during your trial period.

The trial-license allows you to generate PDFs as email attachments for thirty days. You will not be able to send actual faxes during the PDFBlaster trial period. This option is available only to fully licensed versions of the product. Instead PDFBlaster will send your "test faxes" as email attachments to your email address and will include information on the who/where/when of the document transmission if it was being sent using the full version of PDFBlaster.

To activate your 30-day trial license, first click on the [Help] menu on the PDFBlaster control panel and then select [Software Registration].

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